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Cuban American Phototheque

Foundation presents in this catalog 22 essential photographers documenting the Cuban Revolution in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. From the Ivan Canas' image of a mature worker who looks straight at the camera while holding his tool like a rifle to the one by Willy Castellanos where a group of rafters escaping Cuba try to save each other from being drowned 25 years passed that changed how artists use photography in the Island.

2014 Miami Photo Salon

Poster 20 x 30"

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Through the Women's Eyes

By Phototheque Foundation

34 pages, published 11/25/2015

Catalog of Through the Women's Eyes, a photography exhibition organized for the 2015 Miami Photo Salon Festival with the purpose of celebrating the works of women photographers who live and work in South Florida and their guests. Featuring Yanitzia CanettiLiliam DomínguezMargarita FrescoNereida García FerrazElvisay MéndezFlor A. MayoralMarta T. NeiraGladys PérezDaylene RodríguezIsabel SierraLissette SolórzanoMariza Versiani…