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Phototheque holds a large collection of photography exhibitions which we make available to museums and institutions throughout the world.

ISLANDS brought together a group of Cuban born women artists currently working in different countries where they live. Maria Eugenia Haya, Marucha (1941-1991) founder Director of Fototeca de Cuba, was the exception in the group. Marucha was the only Cuban photographer listed in the History of Women Photographers (Naomi Rosenblum] 

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Ivan Canas, A Retrospective/
Jan-March 2014

A solo by the prominent Cuban born photographer  is an exhibition in the best black and white with images from Canas two books El Cubano se ofrece, Ediciones Union, Havana 1982, as well as Trinity, Editorial DIA, FRG, 1987, Germany. Canas's work is included in several anthologies of Latin American Photography in the The Latin American Photobook [Horacio Fernandez], also in the permanent collections of several museums, including Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía of Spain and also in private collections. He is the recipient of the 2014 Certificate of Excellence to a lifetime career in photography.

            "Besides Marucha, we were very please to share with the public artworks  from Consuelo Castaneda and Marta Maria Perez Bravo, two pioneers that had been using conceptual images as support for their work since the 1980's."                    Isabel Sierra , Phototheque Art Director


CAPF Certificate of Excellence 2013

Roberto Koltun visited the Middle East in several occasions to photograph the region, a Mystic land full of mysteries. He took stunning images of the desert and its populace. Then, Roberto transcended the recognizable scenarios as he walked patiently the area to find ordinary people. Women under veil, men praying, working, traveling the city in horses or camels, or just standing in front of the lens, are at the origin of an astonishing portrait of the region that place us to far and at the same time so close of the individuals in Koltun's photographs, since we are all inhabitants of planet Earth.

ISLANDS/ Contemporary photography through the women eyes
March  2013/  April, 2013

 VANESSA Alonso | NIURKA Barroso |DAMARIS Betancourt | YANITZIA Canetti | Consuelo Castaneda | MAITE Díaz | LILIAM Dominguez | MARUCHA, Maria E. Haya | YAMILA Lomba | MAYRA A. Martínez | GILDA Perez | MARTA MARIA Perez | MIRIAM Rusin | ISABEL Sierra | JAQUELINE Zerquera

Curator: Kelly Martinez

        Island was the first intend Phototheque did to start building an anthology of the History of the Cuban Women Photographers.

Phototheque seeks to exhibit works of photography that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement in the matter at the highest level of quality, all in the service of the public and in accordance with the highest professional standards. The Phototheque's Gallery is currently in the process of relocating, but here is a selection of the exhibits done by the Foundation.

My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.- Diane Arbus


    Yanitzia CANETTI, Abigail GONZALEZ PINA, Evel GONZALEZ, Gonzalo HERNANDEZ, Carlos MAYOL, Ricardo SANTOS,Isabel SIERRA
November 2013- January 2014

            Nātam, -from the Latin nothing-, is a documentary retrospective that assembles twenty-seven photographs made in Havana by seven Cuban-born photographers that registered a perceptive testimony of the special period years (1991-1997), a crisis that took place in Cuba after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

*In 2012, the Cuban American Phototheque Foundation became incorporated and organized its first Board of Directors.  The CAPF WAS officially recognized as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit institution. As a nonprofit organization the Foundation will be supported by donations, grants, print sales_, memberships, support services, educational programming, and workshops.

CUBA 70, 80,90s/ Group Exhibit

Nov 2012-Jan2013

curator: Carlos Mayol

Artists born in Cuba and now living in the US, Europe, South America, and Cuba, photographers which images are reunited in this show are  the best of the second half century period that did an incredible collective portrait of the Cuban's society at the time.


acquīrō / Group Exhibit
Jun - Jul 2013


acquīrō: -The process of adquisition of new artworks by the Phototheque.  The curatorial department organizes the Collections by artist name, geographic origin, and/or chronology.