a non-profit institution dedicated to advancE fine art photography and art photo related

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In 2012, the CAP Foundation Inc became incorporated and organized its first Board of Directors. The CAPF is being officially recognized as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit institution . As a nonprofit organization the Foundation is supported by donations, grants, print sales , memberships, support services , educational programming, and workshops.

Made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer.

Original prints, books, posters,and catalogs.

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The use of the term art medium is, to say the least, misleading, for it is the artist that creates a work of art not the medium. It is the artist in photography that gives form to content by a distillation of ideas, thought, experience, insight and understanding. 


      Edward Steichen                                                                        

a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to advancing fine art photography and art photo related

First photo exclusive juried Fine Art photography art fair during Miami's prestigious art week in December.


Meant to be the most complete selection  of Cuban-born photographers, the collection expands with  US  artists.